Pure reflection Harpenden Hertfordshire

Pure reflection Harpenden Hertfordshire

The power of pure water can be seen in this photograph Pure reflection Harpenden Hertfordshire. When windows are cleaned with pure water they are left sparkling and clean. This includes the frames. The process is quite straight forward as the water is prepared on our premises and transported to your location. There  it is used to wash your windows and frames either with a pump or by hand.
Pure reflection in Harpenden Hertfordshire
Pure reflection in Harpenden Hertfordshire

Eco Friendly

The water purification is Eco friendly.  The discarded  elements can be used to water plants in our garden. Eccover can be added to the finished water which cuts through grease and grime. Ecover is made in ecological factories which are energy efficient .running clean and green systems of production.

Sticky residue from trees

Sticky residue from trees, especially Oak trees, can be a problem . our system easily removes the residue. You can see the reflection of a very large Oak tree in the photo. After cleaning you can see that the windows and frames are left clean and sparkling. All in  all the way that we clean you windows has become incredibly popular. The fact that we can clean in a traditional way with modern products means that the result is superior.

Harpenden Gutter Repair

Harpenden Gutter repair

We were called out by one of our regular customers to look at a Harpenden Gutter repair job on a luxury apartment in Kirkwick Avenue. The work had to be carried out at roof level at quite a height. We were able to dismantle the gutter and remove the rotten woodwork. After measuring up we then went back to the workshop and put together a made to measure box; a replacement for the rotted woodwork. With that done we returned to the apartment with the box and new gutter parts and rebuilt the gable end finishing with three coats of paint. All this was achieved in half a day. The final test was to run a stream of water from the roof to make sure that everything was flowing in the right direction with no leaks. All was working well. As you can see from the photo the end result was very satisfactory and able to be completed without the use of costly scaffolding.

Always on call

We are always on call to clean and repair blocked and broken gutters and usually respond to calls straight away. In this case after discussing requirements with owner we were proceed immediately with one more Harpenden gutter repair.

Before and after photos

Harpendenclean Gutter repair 1
Rotten wood work and broken gutter
Harpendenclean Gutter Repair 2
Woodwork and Gutter repaired

Harpenden Window Cleaning Ladders

Harpenden window cleaning Ladders

  Harpenden window cleaning ladders, we have the right ladders to handle every job safely and efficiently. We are used to working on all types of buildings, old and new. In some cases the only way to get to the window to be cleaned is with an A frame Ladder. We have a large collection of A frame ladders with a hight range right up to 30 feet.
Apartment Harpenden window cleaning ladders
Modern flat
They can be positioned so that they are secure and safe to climb without slipping. The top of the A frame is made of rubber so as not to damage window frames. The time it takes to put up the ladder is extremely quick as there are only two sections. The ladders are designed and manufactured by Ramsay ladders of Forfar in Scotland, they are the best Window cleaning ladders on the market. There are a large number of houses with dorma windows and roof top window that Harpenden window cleaning ladders can reach with ease so give us a call on 07757499296 to get all the windows in your house cleaned. We can always call round and give you a quote or we can look at your property on google maps and give you a good estimate.
Harpenden window cleaning ladders apartment
Older Buildings